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I'm a grad student working on my doctoral dissertation, so a computer is truly necessary for my schoolwork. However, I did get a computer-savvy friend to help me shop around for the very best deal on the computer itself as well as the best deal in my area for internet access. I've even bought accessories, USB cords, and things like that at one of the flea markets in my area. I use the free computing services (especially when it comes to printing out large documents) provided by my school whenever I can to minimize costs.

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Glad to hear your church was able to help out your daughter. Myself, I've had my computer for many years and is my lifeline to keep in touch with my family where I do not live near them... It's cheaper than long distance and easy and quick to chat with family members to stay in touch as I'm sure many others do. The internet is much more effective and more resourceful I find for many many things, such as jobs, banking, information, etc... Since my financial situation, I've cut a lot of things and kept what's most important right now. Thanks for being curious and glad to see your computer has done you and your family well. Good luck to you and your family. Take care! Greyberry

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I love the responses so far ! It is so cool to see how God works. I agree with the computer being a lifeline. If I were to choose between a phone , a tv or a computer and internet. I would choose the computer. I have done banking , shopped , ordered meds. , and gotten tons of information about all my medical problems. I have talked to people from other countries. I have found free things. I found aidpage . I wanted to do an outreach for other single moms , and I had no idea how to without money or a car , and sometimes my physical problems get too painful to go out in just any kind of weather. So, I would sell my tv to pay for just one more month of the net if I had to. soulight PS I also use spellcheck all the time !

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Hello friend, First I want to say Glory to God for your church! What a great ,understanding church. That's AWESOME! To pay for internet can seem impossible but especially for those on a phone/internet situation all on one bill it is often imperative to health both mental and phsyical.And for children it's very important too. Especially for those who are disabled,who are going through a tough time and need to find a job,etc. EVEN MEDICAL HELP is available online! If you need help don't wait,look around online and find help! In fact I was very sick and had no idea I had cancer in 2000. I wrote online to the local health dept.,explained my situation and they found a "sliding fee" clinic since I had no insurance! God uses the internet quite well LOL. When I was really desperate,living in a camper a couple of years ago at a campground I was fortunate that they had phone line hookups and they were reasonable. I'd had to quit my job because I was so sick but there was no disability.I was alone,sick and heartbroken. But the Lord..found a way for me to survive! To pay the bill I sold old LP's I bought for .25 and other things to pay my $200 a month campground fee and $25 phone bill. HONEST:I would scrounge up evenjust a quarter,go to the local thrift store and believe God to show me something to sell on EBAY. Countless times he multiplied that quarter by 100% or MORE. (Note: be a diligent ebay seller and play by the rules should you want to do this) Now I am in a regular home,married and still sell on ebay for extra money. Also there are jobs online for those who have had former professions. This website does NOT cost to join but you do have to be a professional customer service person with the ability to answer questions correctly. Doctors,lawyers, vets,mechanics,those with exceptional parental skills,internet research and much more make good money there. My husband answers questions there and after earning his way he now makes 1/2 of a customer's payment and 75% of the bonus. If you'd like to know more about this let me know and I will send you a referral for the site. The internet can help with jobs,find homes,etc.and it is important to keep it priority along with the light bill..but if you have no resources then you must use the library's computers according to their rules. Those are free to use and aren't we grateful ! By the way,just like your horse and saddle (I'm a horse lover),you never sell -or pawn- your computer! I even met the man I am married to on the computer and we worked together on putting up horse fence when I was desperately trying to fence in place to keep them. 4 yrs later I married him. Sincerely,Shezablonde

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Lady Christie

I bought my computer back before I got into a financial mess, and I only have the internet during school for my kids. It's easier then going to the library or always bothering friends and family. I honestly can't afford it, but I do what I have to do.

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